Check out Bijoux Indiscrets, an erotic company made up of women prepared to push the boundaries of female sexuality much further than they’ve ever been pushed before. Because it’s a pleasure to take sex to a whole new level!

Bijoux Indiscrets is an ethical, vegan, women-owned erotic company that creates erotic accessories, pleasure toys, and intimate cosmetics.

I picked some items from this brand that I wanted to try, to test and review them and give you my thoughts. Hope you enjoy them as much as I did!

First of all, we have their Liquid Vibrator.

This liquid vibrator has an instant tingling and warming effect that boosts blood flow to the clitoris. The surprising effect will keep you focussed and forget about swiping right and left on your phone for a while. A fluid clitoral balm formula with Acmella Flower Extract, recognized in traditional medicine for a variety of properties including anti-inflammatory and aphrodisiac effects and Aloe Vera, widely known for its soothing and hydrating power.

Then we move to the MAZE H Harness.

When it comes to bondage-inspired corset-like harnesses, there’s no reason to look any further than the MAZE H Harness. With its choker, open back, and harness that runs down the cleavage, as well as around and under the breasts, the only issue with this harness is trying to decide how you’re going to wear it. Although you can wear it under your clothes, it’s far too beautiful and sexy that you simply don’t want to hide it — and it looks great whether you’re dressed to the nines or are keeping it casual in a tee shirt and jeans.

The Harness is PETA approved VEGAN and can easily be cleaned by hand with a damp cloth and soap. It’s so beautiful and so easy to take care of that you can wear it and wash it every day of the week. 

Last but not least, the Slow Sex Experience Box!

Slow Sex is, by definition, powerful ritual acts of body, communication, and mind.

This box holds all the necessary tools you need to connect with your body, with your partner, and with your pleasure. Its combination of oils, lubes, flavors, and textures create the perfect environment for sexual exploration.

Open your mind and body to a line that redefines what it means to experience foreplay, true intimacy, and deep connection with your body and your partner’s body.

The point of this box is to take goal-oriented sex out of the equation. After all, it’s about the pleasure of the journey and not necessarily about what’s at the end of that journey.

Inside you’ll find:

  • Hair and Skin Shimmer Dry Oil. 
  • Anal Play Gel
  • Finger Play Gel 
  • Oral Sex Balm 
  • Nipple Play Gel
  • Clitoral Balm
  • Full Body Massage
  • Warming Massage Oil
  • Intimate Solid Perfume
  • Mouthwatering Spray for Oral Sex
  • Oral Sex Strips
  • Arousal Sex Oil with CBD
  • Oral Sex Oil with CBD
  • Full Body Massage Candle
  • Cotton Canvas Totebag
  • Travel Pouch


I loved that the Liquid Vibrator is gentle enough since some can be quite harsh on the area and still does the job so well.

I love that the MAZE H Harness can be worn with any type of clothes and it looks great. I can see myself wearing it at a party, in a shoot, and anywhere I get the chance!

The Slow Sex Experience Box was a great discovery for me. I have been testing all the products and I love the smell and feel when I use them. They have even patented a molecule that manages to play with hot and cold to feel the best of sensations. Every product in the box has been carefully thought of for a different purpose or part of the body. This is the ultimate 360 erotic experience.

If you want my in-depth and more detailed review of each product, you can watch my review video. You also have a 15% discount with the code SAS15.

Give yourself a much deserved treat!