Pina Brutal

The Secret Life of the Urban Leopard, The Secret Life of the Urban Leopard, The Secret Life of the Urban Leopard

Did you ever wonder who the Urban Leopards are? Where do they live? How do they mate, survive, have fun? What do they eat? This mockumentary will answer all of your questions!

The Secret Life of the Urban Leopard

Pina Brutal’s wildlife mockumentary follows an underground community throughout their everyday life in Berlin. They are the urban leopards, endangered, and fabulous. Narrated like a real nature doc, it introduces the lifestyle, sexual and eating habits, and camouflage skills of its leopard-printed heroes.

The Secret Love Life of the Urban Leopard

Pina Brutal’s playful mocu-mentary is an exuberant exposé on the Berlin sex scene that is outrageously campy, at times very intense, and surprisingly heartfelt.

Moreover, it has even been edited from the original Director’s Cut to remove depictions of blood, although many other gore and sadistic scenes have made it to the final cut for us to enjoy!

Brutal employs a unique narrative technique, blending stunning wildlife footage with voiced-over thoughts and dialogues attributed to the leopards. This is what makes this mockumentary so interesting, captivating, shocking, and wild.

The narrative delves into themes of love, understanding, and survival, touching on how these urban leopards find companionship and kinship in the most unlikely places.

At times hard to watch and at times too funny to stop watching, Pina knows how to take us on a journey that may seem random and chaotic at first, but with much deeper meaning once we move from the surface layer and pierce it (pun intended).

Starring Abbey, Bruno Gola, Jeanne Willhalm, Pina Brutal herself, SoLaura and Vanessa Jupiter among others, these urban leopards manage to make you desire the urban leopard’s life.

Praising freedom, authenticity and creativity above greed, toxicity and the status quo, urban leopards have found the way to navigate urban life while staying true to themselves.

Who would think that urban leopards would be so fascinating?

If you want to know how they dress, how they connect, how they survive, how they fight, how they mate and how they stay wild, make sure you get a glimpse at their community and, who knows, you might find you have a bit of leopard in you!


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