On this occasion, Vespéral not only brings us one but two films about temptation and the forbidden.

The Summoning I tells us the story of a shy priest led astray by the confession booth by a mischievous succubus.

Sexy horns, costumes, candles, goth energy… Grab the devil by the horns and let them lead you into debauchery.

After you’ve feasted your eyes on The Summoning, delight in the next installment, The Summoning II.

Our priest is going deeper into debauchery, this time, of his own volition, summoning the horny succubus again to enthusiastically fuck them in the confession booth.

The priest cannot resist licking their pussy and fucking them from all the angles possible. Not even in his wetest dreams he imagined a demon could fuck so well!

There is nothing sexier than the forbidden and resisting temptation. The combination of religion, virginity, a demon, evil vs good, and sinning is as erotic as can be.

We hope there are more episodes of this sinful saga and we get to see this unorthodox couple tempt and be tempted.

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“Vespéral is an indie film project from France, ran by queer performer and artist Ursinae, aiming to explore visual poetry and porn.”
*Pro Arte et Voluptate*