Satin is a short film directed by Ursinae Vespera of Vesperal Films and starring a cast of six gorgeous babes and the pleasure and luxury they feel while playing with each other on golden light and luscious satin.

Known for its smooth texture, delicate sheen, and luxurious feel against the skin, satin evokes seduction, romance, and intimacy, especially in the bedroom!

In this film, we are extremely lucky to get such a sensual and fiery cast (especially if you are into tattoos!)

Starring Prince Margo, Natie Del, Ondreeah, GoAskAlex, Fiona Mae, and Elizabxth Fields, this queer and nonbinary group is naked and ready to bathe in satin and flesh.

This group of friends start to play with each other as soon as the camera starts recording.

They start to slowly undress so their skin can touch and feel the smooth satin all around them.

They touch, caress and stroke each other while they roll around in the luxurious bed.

Did you know that satin keeps you cool in the heat of passion and warm during moments of closeness?

Soon they begin to play with their fingers, sex toys, vibrators, and strap-ons.

A little bit of kissing, masturbating, pussy licking and penetration is all they need to feel like they are in naughty heaven!

The erotism of this orgy makes you feel like you died and went to heaven. If this is what heaven feels like, it’s not such a bad place to be in!

In a very erotic way, this film is sensual but also soothing. The relaxed, delicate, and ethereal feel, brings a peacefulness and enjoyment that can only be described as “heaven on earth“.

These sexy angels make this film a must-watch!