Beyond its intense exploration of toxic relationships and domestic violenceCHAOS stands as a moving ode to sisterhood and the strength of women. The film celebrates the power of female bonds, offering an inspiring vision of unity and emancipation at the heart of a complex story.

Charlie is at a sororal counseling center where each woman shares her story and experiences in order to find, together, the strength to heal.

Charlie, who has dedicated her life to her feminist values and convictions, looks back on her life with David. With her, we pass through happy, carefree moments, before the delicate dance of love becomes power and takes on the face of muted violence. Charlie’s body becomes that of a disjointed puppet, locked in the grip of a toxic relationship where words slam and hurt like intense explosions. A soulless, heartless place. Stripped of her trust and her light, Charlie will have to survive this violence. 

She will find a glimmer of hope in Léa’s eyes. By her side, Charlie will rediscover her identity and her inner fire. The earth will be their home and their source of resilience. Together, they will plant the seeds of new hopes and true feelings, and deconstruct the norms of the heterosexual couple, embracing a new social contract where each will shape her own desires and dark sides.

CHAOS is much more than a film about domestic violence; it’s a poignant exploration of inner strength, self-reconstruction, and the possibility of cultivating new life dreams. Through CHAOS, Anoushka, the director, reveals fragments of her own story, creating a sincere, authentic and cathartic work that will resonate in the hearts of many women. By exploring her intimacy and emotions through the prism of fiction, Anoushka offers us a profound reflection on love and personal reconstruction, all wrapped up in a bold cinematic narrative.

Following Gloria (2017), Blow Away (2019), Vivante (2020), Captive (2021) and A Mes Amours (2022), this is Anoushka’s sixth feature film. She has established herself as one of the leading figures of alternative and feminist pornographic cinema in Europe. Her love of cinema and her political commitments have led her to create intimate films that reflect a plural society. Anoushka’s ambition is to continue to intervene in society through cinematic works that make sense.