The heat of the summer, the sound of water running, the smell of the fields, fresh fruits, and two beautiful spanish friends who decide to spend the day by the shore of the river and have a picnic.

Who knew eating apples could be so enticing and sexy? These two close friends cannot resist the urge to relax, play with each other and make the most of their time there!

What could be more ideal than a friend who takes you on a picnic and gives you a relaxing and somehow erotic massage?

As Nora and Elena spend their time by the river, they realize the sun is not the only hot thing touching them!

As they start to rub some sunscreen and remove their clothes, they suddenly start to feel hotter and hotter. They decide to go into the water where they splash and tempt each other.

Once back to their towels and after some rubbing and massaging, they completely remove their clothes as they stand very close to each other,

They cannot resist each other any longer and start with a shy kiss to test the waters. You can tell they both love it as they start kissing and licking each other. They can’t get enough of each other’s boobs, nipples, lips and warm body.

As they get closer to the pussy area, they start to slowly explore, kiss and lick the area. One turn each.

Afterwards, they finger each other non-stop and rub each other’s pussies until they both moan in pleasure.

Their friendship has definitely evolved into something else now. After so much pleasure and connection, who can go back to how things were?

Irina Vega is the founder and director of independent web Altporn4U. She is also the precursor of the indie and alternative porn stream in Spain, offering an inimitable view of sex and pornography.
Since 2005 she’s producing and directing clips for adults and erotic modeling. Since 2017, she’s been focusing her work on directing and managing, and
Irina loves experimenting with pornography, bringing sex to the screen in an explicit and creative way. Because of this, she has won some awards in porn festivals, the most outstanding ones for Best Website at Galaxy Awards and Ninfa Awards.
“Why not make the porn I’d like to see?”