Tarantino Feet Fetish

As many of you know, I’m a fan of director Quentin Tarantino and for years, I have been thinking about making a post dedicated to him and his clearly stated fetishism for feet.

I watched a few days ago his last movie, Once upon a time… in Hollywood and I saw over and over again women’s bare feet scenes, like Margaret Qualley and Margot Robbie. Tarantino has shown many times his passion for a woman’s feet, and this has been showcased in almost all his movies.

Tarantino Feet Fetish

Tarantino is a film director well known for his weird stories, script twists, brilliant dialogues, sometimes strange edition and his good taste for music from the ’60s-’70s. He is especially famous for the use of strong language, references to other movies and comics, and extreme violence in some scenes.

Reservoir Dogs was his first movie, but it wasn’t until Pulp Fiction that he began to show his interest in this specific body part.

Let’s focus on some examples. The first one is the famous conversation between Vincent and Jules, where it is clear that the foot massage is something very erotic, comparable to being unfaithful and justifiable by his boss Marsellus Wallace who kills another man for giving it to his wife.

The other moment is in the famous dance scene in the restaurant with Uma Thurman and John Travolta. There we can see Uma’s bare feet dancing almost tiptoe.

There is also a sequence where we follow the feet of Mia Wallace throughout the house. The shot is from ground level and we see the toes and feet soles. This is something that fetishists love.

The last scene goes almost unnoticed. This is the scene when the taxi driver, Esmarelda, picks up Butch (Bruce Willis) and asks about what it feels like to kill a man in a fight. There is a moment when she touches the brake and we see a close-up of her bare feet.

Tarantino Feet Fetish

Tarantino also wrote the script and starred alongside George Clooney, Harvey Keitel, Juliette Lewis and Salma Hayek in the film From Dusk till Dawn, directed by his friend Robert Rodriguez.

In this film, there is a short sequence where he shows his interest in Juliette’s feet, showing how peculiar his character is, just like he is in real life.

Later we can see how Salma Hayek’s historically famous incredible and exciting dance with a snake surrounding her beautiful body.

Satanico Pandemonium walks through Titty Twister’s stage until she reaches Tarantino and puts her feet in his mouth, throwing beer on her legs until it reaches the mouth of the excited Tarantino.

If this is not “Foot Nirvana”, may God strike me dead.

Before his second movie was filmed, Tarantino directed the fourth and final short of the anthology movie Four Rooms, called Penthouse – The Man from Hollywood.

For the entire duration of the segment, which is a clever homage to Alfred Hitchcock’s Man from the SouthAngela (Jennifer Beals) is bare feet. All the other characters are wearing shoes.

Tarantino Feet Fetish
In Jackie Brown, he wanted to pay homage to blaxploitation cinema. He added a good number of feet shots from different angles. The one we all remember was Bridget Fonda’s sensual feet movement while Robert De Niro gets more and more excited.

In Kill Bill there is also a good number of feet sketches. We all remember those close-ups of Uma Thurman’s toes in the Pussy Wagon. In that sequence, the protagonist cannot move her feet, but thanks to her hard training of body and soul in martial arts, she manages to channel her energy and finally is able to walk. A good excuse to her toes one by one!

Another epic scene is when The Bride crushes with her bare feet the eye of Elle Driver. I posted this epic fight for you so you can look for this glorious moment.

In the final scene, where The Bride fights Bill, both do so barefoot.

Tarantino Feet Fetish

Death Proof also has numerous feet sequences. The film begins with a some feet on the dashboard of a car and that shot goes on for much of the initial credits.

Later, the character who plays Kurt Russell touches and wets Rosario Dawson’s feet with his finger. She is sleeping at the back of the car with her feet leaning outside the window.

A special mention goes to a very hot scene where we can see the beautiful toes of Butterfly (Vanessa Ferlito). Her nails are painted red and her toes are peeking through her summer flip-flops. In this scene, she is doing a sexy dance to Mike (Kurt Russel) because he wins a giveaway from her.

The next sequence with feet, is one in which Tarantino fuses his fetish and gore in the shocking car crash.

The sexy Sydney Poitier has her leg and foot outside the car window while the girls enjoy their vacation. All of a sudden, the crazy Stuntman Mike crashes his car against them for fun.

If you have seen the movie you will surely remember this scene. If you haven’t… prepare yourself for the visual impact.

In his next movie Inglorious Basterds, Quentin wanted to take a more focused and elegant approach to the fetish.

He pays homage to Cinderella when the character of Diane Kruger tries on a shoe bound by the character played by Christoph Waltz.

A moment that is really “glorious” for fetishists is moments before that scene, when Diane appears in the cinema and shows that personalized plaster on her foot while also showing her red-painted toes.

Tarantino shows once more his personal taste for the colour and a new sense of humour regarding feet.

In Django Unchained there is a shot of Kerry Washington lying in bed before Django saves her. The shot pans across her body till it gets to her feet.

It’s the only moment in the whole film where Tarantino adds his personal touch and doesn’t forget to add some feminine feet.

Curiously, it seems that Tarantino is cutting down on adding feet in his latest films, as is the case of The Hateful Eight, where no female feet appear. There is only one shoot with close-ups of all the footwear and hands of the main characters without any wink towards the feet.

Finally, in his last movie Once upon a time… in Hollywood, he shows us two very exciting sequences.

The first one is when Sharon Tate, played by the spectacular Margot Robbie, goes to the cinema. She is wearing white high boots and when she sits in an almost empty cinema, Tarantino shoots a close-up of her bare and dirty feet resting on the front seat.

Tarantino Feet Fetish margot robbie

Later, young Margaret Qualley allows us to see her feet leaning back on the dashboard of the car and embedded in the crystal.

For this scene the actress had a great debate with Tarantino, since she said she had ugly feet because she had been a dancer. But Tarantino didn’t care about this and thanks to Brad Pitt, he convinced her and Margaret was delighted with the sequence.


I will update this post when Tarantino amazes us with his 10th and, as he says, last movie.

I am sure he will surprise us with another sequence of female feet!

Do you think I have forgotten any feet scenes from any of his films?

Leave it in the comments!