Hungarian Tango by Pina Brutal is a black and white, no dialogue journey into eroticism, dance, religion, the cosmos and most importantly, squirting.

Directed and played by Pina Brutal, her characteristic way of narrating a story mesmerizes from the beginning.

This “reversed” Hungarian Tango shines a spotlight on female pleasure with very curated visuals and borderline choreography/performance.

What is a Hungarian Tango?

As the film explains at the beginning, this is a colloquial name for when a woman slips and “dances” on the cum ejaculated on the floor after sex.

Given the name of the film, this is exactly what we would expect.

But the director has other plans in mind. As she states prior to this definition, studies have indicated that women tend to receive less oral sex than men in heterosexual relationships. This is perceived and acknowledged by both genders.

This film gives us a “reversed” Hungarian Tango and status quo.

Details and Review

Two lovers enter a room, while slowly undressing to the rhythm of tango.

From the beginning, this short film feels performative and synchronized. The lovers dance, move, touch and kiss with rhythm, meaning and a certain choreography.

Although the performance feels premeditated, the setting takes place in a very natural environment. The rustic house with the room, shot in black and white, feels vintage and costumbrist.

As the lovers perform, dance and engage in oral sex, the Christian cross observes and “judges” the actions taking place.

By covering the cross with Pina’s underwear, we can clearly understand her statement in regard to religion judging sex.

Throughout the film, we can constantly find these references to religion and other various parallelisms between the performers and Jesus.

In addition to this, the ominous background music makes this encounter feel prohibited and consequently, more erotic.

Unlike many other porn films, the director doesn’t focus too much on any sexual organs to drive the action. The focus is on the room and everything happening inside it.

As the film progresses with its characteristic menacing music, tension and pleasure increase.

We would expect the plot to continue along the same lines until the climax. But yet again, Pina takes us to a whole different world.

As she squirts and showers her partner, we finally get to see the much-dreaded Hungarian Tango. He slips and dances and shakes…

Unknowingly, we find ourselves submerged in a psychedelic cosmos surrounded by vulvas and vibrant colours and music.

As we fall down this “rabbit hole” like Alice in Wonderland, we connect with the cosmos.

This fascinating journey culminates in calming waters with an unexpected visitor and an unexpected dream.


This film takes us to very polarizing places and feelings.

The contrast from black and white to bright colours, the coordinated dance and freefalling, and eroticism and religion, captures a very unique story and way of telling things.

We are engaged, aroused and interested.

Pina Brutal knows how to captivate us while making us think and draw our conclusions.