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Today we show you this gem we just found, Erotic Typography

This is a font in which each type represents a figure of the Kamasutra.

In addition to this, the different body positions, names and initials are related. You can also see the animated graphs when you check out their website, which we strongly recommend 🙂

For example, the title would be “The Orb” for O.

This Erotic Typography was designed by illustrator Malika Favre.

As their website states “The ‘Kama Sutra A-Z’ was initially developed by Malika Favre in 2013 as an art project. Seven years later, she decided to gather this body of work into a limited edition book co-published with Counter-Print.

The 26 letters are displayed as individual art pieces and accompanied by erotic excerpts, carefully curated by the artist, with a strong focus on female poets. The result is an eclectic and sensual collection of writings, from ancient times to today.

The dialogue initiated by the artist emphasises on the timeless relevance of erotica and is meant as a celebration of joy, pleasure and sensuality.

The book was designed by Counter-Print and printed in Italy.
It has been lavishly produced and comes within an embossed slipcase. The cover has been gold foiled and the book is end-blocked in matt black”.

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