Many of us already know the universe of The Witcher, with Geralt de Rivia as the protagonist. Hunter of monsters, witches, demons, and sex!


Now that the series of The Witcher are being a success, the books and the videogame are being very sought after again.

The first contact I had with the saga was the PS4 video game The Witcher 3, with which I have spent many hours of fun, fantasy and magical battles.

I am mostly going to focus on the game for this review, but I cannot ignore the most recent release from The Witcher universe, the 2019 series starring Henry Cavill as the leading actor.

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Geralt is a strong, sculpted, full-of scars-wizard,  who attracts the attention of many women in The Witcher universe (and the real world too).

Besides being a sorcerer with more humanity than humans themselves, he is also quite promiscuous, if you chose to be so in the game. You can sometimes choose whether you want to have sex with your partner, with witches, peasants, or even prostitutes of different statuses and ethnicities.

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I’m going to review some of the girls who dared propose sex to Gerald de Trivia

If you know of any others , leave it in the comments! 

Triss Merigold is a sensual red-haired sorceress with a sculptural body, angelic face, and tempting breasts. She is the one I liked the most!

 At the end of the game, I could choose whether to stay with her or let her escape… and that is exactly what I did to be loyal to Yennefer.

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So who’s Yennefer of Vengerberg and is she Geralt’s eternal love? This witch of elegant beauty, black hair, and green eyes is the most hated and desired character in equal measure.

Her dominant character has naturally enchanted Geralt, who does everything she asks; from killing a terrible demon to fucking her all night long.

Her sex drive is something that’s in her blood. If she wants to fuck, she just asks Geralt to fuck her wherever and whenever (if necessary, on top of a unicorn).

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Cirilla de Cintra, or as we all know her, Ciri, is the adopted daughter of Geralt and Yennefer. She is the most mysterious character in the saga, her ash-colored hair and her strong and slender body, make her a very interesting and attractive woman.

Ciri is perhaps the character less interested  in sex. She always seems to be in some kind of mess that she needs to handle.

She is not someone who goes unnoticed, the huge scar on her face also shows that behind that beautiful face there is a fearless woman.

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Keira Metz is another witch who friends with Geralt since they worked together on a mission. Even as a friend, she doesn’t miss out on the opportunity of  having a good fuck after a romantic dinner together. 

Keira is not a very important character in the story and likes doing things her way, but as soon as she sees Geralt she knows exactly what she wants.


There are other secondary characters such as Shani or Madame Sasha that are not too important in the storyline of the game, but if you complete their missions correctly you can end up doing other fun things with them!



The new series is pretty faithful to the games in regard to sex. 

For the role of Yennefer, they have chosen an unknown actress, Anya Chalotra. Her beauty is a mix of British and Indian ancestry. She is a perfect combination of exotic and sensual traits that make you fall in love with her.

A curious fact from the series is that in the first sex scene, a double replaced Anya for the entire scene. But the actress saw her character was off and decided that she would make all the sex scenes herself. She wanted to show the audience who Yennefer is in all her facets. 


The rest of the cast is also pretty accurate to the game. The most controversial change was Triss Merigold, who is played by Anna Schaffer, who has South African ancestry and isn’t naturally red-haired.

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The second season has less sex than the first. It’s a conscious decision by creator Lauren Schmidt Hissrich as she opted to write nudity and sex scenes only if they served the plot.

Nevertheless, it leaves some interesting scenes to be commented on.

In the episode “A Magical Orgy”, we can see an orgy full of lust, pleasure, and naked people. Despite the eroticism of the scene, neither Yennefer nor Geralt have sex. 

Nailing an orgy on screen is no piece of cake. Especially if you want to broadcast it on a platform like Netflix or HBO without being censored, as it can be considered practically pornographic or paradoxically,  overly subtle and  hardly noticed by the audience .

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Although the series does not show sex as graphic as one would expect it to be, it focuses on elements of action, drama, adventure, and dark fantasy, exploring themes such as destiny, discrimination, morality, and the search for identity. 

We’ll see how it goes in the next seasons, but for now, I’d definitely take the erotic and exciting video game 🙂

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