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Vampires or female vampires have always been a gothic horror icon in popular folklore.

Historically, vampires weren’t attractive characters, nor did they incite anything beyond darkness, dirt and blood, since they were represented as dead that fed on the living.

It was Bram Stoker, however, who changed the vampire’s image by twisting it in his book Dracula.

Bram Stoker considered the vampire’s thirst as a thirst for sex that people had in a time when it was considered a sin.

The “vamp” concept was used for women who had a sexual attitude of domination and depraved sexual desire, which represented the opposite of what a man of that time expected from a woman.

The image of the vampire has always been related to sexuality and eroticism.

For this reason, some of the things that can harm a vampire are crucifixes, a Christian symbol, the sunlight, which represents clarity and not being able to hide to do prohibited things.

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From this point on, the image of vampires has always been of tall, attractive, imposing and self-confident people. They wear elegant and expensive clothes, pristine and polite. Delicate in appearance but with a sinister look, with a beautiful and seductive body.

On more intimate occasions, we have seen them wearing silk underwear that reveals their beautiful naked bodies.

The strategy that vampires use to feed themselves is precisely seducing humans with their attractive and hypnotic appearance.

They seduce people until they get them to do what they want, then they drink their blood slowly.

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Vampires represent the union between pleasure and pain, fear and joy, submission and dominance…

The question is …why are vampires so erotic, seductive, and elegant?

Vampires are eternal beings, and like everyone else, they sometimes need company. They have the gift of making someone immortal to be with them forever.

The big downside is that vampires supposedly cannot have an erection since blood does not flow through their veins as they are dead, therefore they cannot have sex.

The love they feel is nothing more than romanticism in its purest state, touching, kissing and loving. This is the Vampires’ Eroticism.

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Sometimes the vampire’s mythification has also been turned around like in Anne Rice’s novels, where she has even come to vampirize other people through sex.

In cinema, the vampire has been represented many times.

From the most classic like Bela Lugosi, who played a vampire in countless movies in a more theatrical way. Christopher Lee however, did it in a scarier way, or Gary Oldman, showing a vampire more romantic than scary.

Later, more attractive vampires arrived at the cinema.

In theTrue Blood series, sex is something very important for them and a way to express the little humanity they have left, treleasing all their anger and fierceness.

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Even in video games like the Castlevania saga (now also a series), we can see a vampire from the Victorian era with a sexualized and effeminate image as the character of Alucard, son of Dracula.

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In real life, there have been cases like Countess Elisabeth Báthory, who bathed in the blood of virgins because she believed that she would be eternally young.

It’s not strange then that erotic vampires have become so popular and such a big fetish in recent years.

Blood, sensuality, fear, dominance, pleasure, mystery, pain, eternal life…             

What’s not to like?