Paulita Pappel & Rod Wyler

Beer and Loving with Las Bangers by Paulita Pappel & Rod Wyler is an homage to Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas, this time with a female protagonist who experiences the ultimate high in modern-day Berlin.

This visually psychedelic and viscerally psychosexual film takes us on a hallucinatory space between fantasy and ecstasy with the help of Las Bangers and theur gangbang!.

Who hasn’t seen Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas?

If you haven’t, this is a sign for you to watch a memorable film that depicts a drug-induced trip like no other.

Being this film a classic, it’s no surprise it was the inspiration for this short film which bravely follows its footsteps.

Our protagonist this time, Bebe Melkor Kadior, has also taken some drug that alters her consciousness which inevitably takes her to Las Bangers’ apartment

Throughout the film, editing is done so we experience the same trip as the protagonists.

Jumpcuts, slow-motion, fuzziness, dizziness…

All this to make the film less coherent and cohesive, just like a real trip.

And who cares if the story is not linear and predictable? When your conscious mind is altered, nothing makes sense nor it needs to.

On top of this, if you are high and horny your best option is to knock on Las Bangers door.

Once inside, Bebe is delighted to jump into this crazy parallel world where everybody is suddenly kissing, touching, getting closer, getting hornier, playing around, and getting carried away by their “high”.

In this queer group, nobody refuses anybody and playtime happens all around the place. Fucking, masturbating, blowjobs, cunnilingus, hair pulling, cumming…

All you expect from this psycho-crazy gangbang is going to happen at some point, probably the best high they could ever have; drugs and orgasms.

If you are not into gender roles, this trip is definitely for you. Queer, non-binary, hetero… there is a little bit of everything and everybody gets to enjoy, moan and cum.

There aren’t any specific roles for each member and that is what makes this gangbang unique, queer and fun.

So if you want to go on a sexual and psychedelic trip, don’t miss out on this gem that will take you there.

Happy trip!