furry fetish

Furry fetish is about having sex with people wearing stuffed animal costumes, they can be both in disguise or just one of the two.

Lola Bunny, Cheetara from Thundercats, Amy Rose from Sonic Games, Holli Would from Cool World, Jessica Rabbit, etc.

These are some of the many animated characters that awoke some of our sexual curiosity. They are human, animal, alien…

This is where fetishism came from stuffed animals, or was described as Furry.

There are many variants when having Furry sex pleasures. 

furry fetish

You may be excited by the amount of fur that the other person is wearing while in disguise, be thrilled about being fucked by animated characters or fucking each other, or be turned on by being fucked by the bear that took care of you when you were a kid.

Many people love to feel a furry fox snout smelling their pussy or cock, it even excites them to see how it gets wet. Imagine feeling all the heat of the fur in the body too!

Furry Fetish

The furry society is a little divided since some people are simply excited by fucking stuffed animals for whatever reason or just for fetish, some even use teddies to have sex as if it was a sex doll. Some others simply enjoy role-playing.

For this second group of people, Furry isn’t about sex, it’s about being or taking care of that hairy character, which is usually bears, rabbits or puppies. They see it as a simple game.

Besides stuffed animals, there are many ways to interpret Furry play.

Furry Fetish

Puppy Play, dressing up as a puppy and acting.

They are gentle, they bark and are happy when they are petted or rewarded. There can also be some tight collar or strap grabbing, so it feels overwhelming and exciting at the same time. Puppies often use knee pads and mittens to feel more comfortable. These interactions or foreplay end with sex.

Furry Fetish

There are many people who believe that a Furry fetish implies having some sort of mental problem related to zoophilia (sex with real animals), but those comments usually come from people who don’t understand the role play.

As I said earlier, we are all guilty of having at some point been attracted to some animated and fiction character from our childhood.

furry fetish

Furries are people who like cartoon animals, but they just pretend to be animals in the bedroom.

Just another fun and way to enjoy sex!

Furry Fetish

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