Crystal Clear by Max Disgrace is a coming-of-age erotic sex tale of an unfolding date.

Narrated in first person, this tale features a lesbian relationship and its intimate desires.

Crystal Clear is an ethical porn movie that is a highlight of today’s day and age with several awards.

It is a tale narrated in first person with a sultry voice by the narrator.

What is crucial to notice is the modulations and texture of the female voice of the narrator that correspond to the highs and lows of this movie.

Crystal Clear Review

Coming to the film, the narrator discusses her date with another woman.

She tells the audience about the flawless date that she has with a woman who gets frisky at the end, and how she thinks of seducing her.

This indie porn movie gets really intense, with the film ending with the narrator ‘pouring blood into the other person’s throat while being fucked against the table.

The sheer amount of brilliance and determination that Max Disgrace has gone into making this erotic indie porn movie speaks volumes about the director’s capabilities.

Considering it’s really hard to see erotism based on a lesbian relationship even in this day and age, the director deserves some credit for treating this subject very pleasantly and to our tastes.

As the film progresses, we get to hear the latent fantasies of the protagonist. 

She loses no time in sexualising her date as soon as she meets her. She thinks about taking her date back to her flat and stripping her down before eating her out.

The narrator thinks like a ‘man’ (especially considering she’s narrating in the first person) when she sexualises her date. However, the erotic porn tale is starkly different from porn made by male directors as the intense climax sounds more erotic than other porn films.

The director intentionally places a visual of a nude woman’s breasts as the focus of our attention. The visual is fascinating in the sense that it only heightens the level of arousal and excitement the viewer receives from this medium of entertainment. The view is intense and sexual, something not atypical of indie porn films.

The director has two other porn films under their belt: Tribute and Ruptured

Crystal Clear was also part of the lineup of the London Porn Film Festival.

In this porn film, the audience is left to grapple with the emotional baggage of a lesbian relationship and the increased intimacy between the two characters as they shed their awkwardness with playful games.

The baggage is presented through the narrator whose voice is an embodiment of the suffering and betrayal faced by lovers in the past.

The film leaves you craving more as the sexual chemistry between the two characters is more than enough to drive you over the edge.


This ethical porn film is a must-watch for porn film viewers.

This film will turn on you and your partner and induce a crazy, sex-filled stupor in your minds.

It is undoubtedly one of the best intimate porn films of the year and brings forth the casual and naughty nature of lesbian sexual relationships.