Marcus Quillan

Dance. Destroy. Create by Marcus Quillan is a short film that combines expressive performance, movement, dance and sex so seamlessly it all comes together as a new creation.

Dancing and specially, dancing as a couple, has always evoked sensuality, eroticism, intimacy and sexual chemistry. By unleashing all of these impulses, desires and emotions, Marcus has created a masterpiece for us to enjoy.

Grab your partner, a chair, some lingerie and let your bodies do the talking!

Who doesn’t like a dance that begins with a sensual lap dance?

Yiming Curiosity and Marcus Quillan dance, move and provoke to the beat of the music that will take us through this journey.

With a variety of moves, sets, lighting, angles, and scenes we are constantly entertained by the couple. Marcus’s eyes on Yiming and her body show desire and want, Yiming’s hips, ass and long hair make us watch without being able to look away.

Dancing on the chair, dancing on the floor, dancing on top of each other…

As the film continues, the level of excitement increases and the moves become more complex and artistic. We can see how both performers are natural dancers and synchronize their bodies to follow each other on what also feels like a “mating ritual”.

The choreography feels brilliantly improvised and chaotic, which makes the word “destroy” come to live. They then “create” whatever moves feel natural and erotic to them.

Teasing each other, pulling her hair, using their clothes to play… nothing seems impossible when they play and dance with each other.

Such sexual tension derives into foreplay, a blowjob, cunnilingus and full-on sex that feels like dancing.

At this point, dancing and fucking come together like the perfect mix they are.

They move to the beat, he penetrates to the beat, she shakes her hips to the beat…

If you want a crash course on how to dance and fuck, fuck and dance look no further.

Let Marcus and Yiming be the teachers you need and deserve 🙂