lollipop chainsaw

What would happen if James Gunn (Guardians of the Galaxy), Akira Yamaoka (Silent Hill) and Goichi Suda (No More Heroes) worked on a video game together?

And if we added to the mix some slasher, porn, foul language, comedy, comic style, and rock ‘n’ roll?

We would get Lollipop Chainsaw, one of the craziest video games ever made!


James Gunn is a film director who is at the top of his career because of his success directing “Guardians of the Galaxy”. But before this, he was working at Troma Films, a gore film company responsible for “The toxic avenger”, Kabukiman” or “Nazi surfers must die”. He had also worked in a zombie film called “Slither”.

Akira Yamaoka is famous for being one of the most successful music producers in the video game sector, responsible for the soundtrack of “Silent Hill”.

On the other hand, Goichi Suda is the producer and director of video games such as “Projects Zero 4” and the crazy “No More Hero”.

lollipop chainsaw

Lollipop Chainsaw is the result of these masterminds collaborating together.

A splatterhouse-style video game, bloody and violent, developed by Grasshopper Manufacture for Playstation 3 and Xbox 360.

In this game, we play a sexy cheerleader who has to fight a zombie invasion.                  It was released on June 14th, 2012 and it has become a cult video game since then.

Our protagonist, Juliet Starling, is the chief cheerleader of San Romero’s High School and she is Nick’s girlfriend. They are the most popular couple in high school but another emo kid, who is in love with Juliet and jealous of Nick, will cause the zombie invasion in the town.

Little by little, this town will get infected until everybody gets bitten and infected, even Nick. What the citizens don’t know, is that Juliet’s family has been fighting the forces of evil for generations.

Juliet’s parents are a couple of grease-styled badass rockabillies and her sisters, Cordelia and Rosaline, are also zombie hunters.

Therefore, Juliet, with a customized chainsaw and Nick’s head hanging from her belt, will beat the shit out of every zombie and demon she crosses her path with.

lollipop chainsaw

This project has turned out to be a spectacular video game with a key comic style and screwball comedy. The game style of this particular game is a mixture of Italian gore films from the seventies and a cheesy J-Pop video clip.

The dialogues are also amazing because they make some remarks on bukkakes, scatology or masturbation. They never let us down and the further in the game, the deeper we seclude to the madness of the game.

Some of my favorite examples of such crazy chaotic scenes are:

  • When we see Juliet killing zombies while she dances on the pole dance or she practices sexy positions while we do some combos with her chainsaw.
  • When we have to play basketball games where we score with zombie heads.
  • When we take psychotropic mushrooms and everything gets even more deranged.
  • How Juliet always wears sexy and tiny outfits that let us see her purple panties more often than not.
lolsaw1037 610

Besides Akira Yamaoka’s original soundtrack, there is an amazing selection of songs. We can kill zombies while listening to “Cherry Bomb” by the Runaways, and we can drive a wheat-cutter to kill some zombie farmers while listening to “You Spin Me Around” by Dead or Alive.

If this wasn’t enough, we can also use Nick’s head as a gun, a bomb or to put it on some headless zombie to control it.

The more combos you make during the game, the more coins you earn in order to buy combos, moves, and improve Juliet’s abilities.                                                                  You can also purchase sexier outfits for her 🙂

I strongly recommend you play and finish Lollipop Chainsaw because it is one of the best hack & slash video games with many geek and horny winks that we all love 🙂