Madison Young

Someone Like You by Madison Young is an Original Lust Cinema film for all those couples that are on a journey of rediscovery of one’s sexual wants and needs.

Through Marilyn and Jackie‘s relationship, marriage, and family plans, this portrayal of such a realistic couple going through life’s up and downs will resonate with many viewers.

Solo sex, lesbian loving, and a mind-blowingly hot group sex scene — join this sexy adventure where pleasure is seized!

Do you believe in love at first sight? Marilyn (Dadi Iris) and Jackie (Ravyn Alexa) had instantaneous palpable chemistry — intellectually, sexually, and emotionally

They both met at a house party. Jackie was hiding in her bedroom, uninterested in the party at all. Marilyn was looking for the bathroom when she stumbled upon her, reading a book in her bed.

They both instantly feel attracted to each other, and after chatting for a bit, it didn’t take long for both to start kissing and touching each other. This leads to a passionate and erotic sex scene with a little bit of nipple kissing, fingering, cunnilingus and more…

Time jumps a few years later and we find this couple has gotten married and they are living a life with their routine and ongoing plans.

One of these plans is to create a family. This is proven to be more difficult than expected since they are struggling to conceive and the emotional investment, the stress, and the unmet expectations are putting a strain on the marriage.

Marilyn works as a sex and couples counselor and has her own show/platform. She usually reads questions or comments from anonymous senders and tries to advise and help them.

One of these comments comes directly from her wife, without her knowing. Her advice is to find something that fills them individually so they can feel fulfilled as a couple as well.

When she gets back from work, they play a little game of fantasy.

Marilyn starts talking about how she would grab her in the elevator and all the nasty things they would both do to each other. To Marilyn’s surprise, Jackie’s fantasy involves a man entering the elevator and fucking them both.

Marilyn is taken aback because she doesn’t know about her fantasies.                              Is she excited or jealous?

Flash forward in time and Marilyn finds herself being laid off from work and unable to conceive a child. After this hard blow, she takes a much-needed relaxing bath. As she gets out and walks around the house naked, she is surprised by the new tenant who is moving to the apartment above.

After introducing each other and getting to know each other, we see some sparks of sexual chemistry between them. He leans in for a kiss but Marilyn stops him to explain she is unavailable.

When Marilyn explains the situation to Jackie, she seems really interested in this new, sexy, young tenant who is also a chef. Fortunately, he will come by later to prepare some dinner for both. Who is actually more excited to see him?

Well, as you probably guessed… Sex and passion beat jealousy!

The three of them agree on certain terms in other to be “lovers” and make these sporadic encounters fun and hot.

At this point in the story, we get delighted by a threesome in the kitchen which is all our imagination wanted. They lick, finger and fuck each other, the blow his cock, he eats both of them…

Everything we wanted from this sexy trio we got in the end!

Make sure to watch this film if you like portrayals full of realism and everyday life.

Because marriage can always get spiced up. You just have to be open to it!