Erika Lust

Put some lipstick on it by Erika Lust is a tribute to the eroticism, sensuality, and sexual power of lips.

Lips immediately evoke a sense of playfulness, sensuality, and femininity.  By focusing on lipstick, a symbol of femininity and sexuality, Lust invites viewers to explore that our carnal desire for sex is perhaps not that different from our appetite for food.

As she states “Lipstick and make-up, nails and earrings – all the little things we do and wear to convey the bright colors of desire“.

From the very beginning, “Put Some Lipstick on It” sets itself apart from the stereotypical adult content. Lust’s artistic vision and storytelling prowess are evident from the opening frames.

The film opens with a mesmerizing sequence of a woman applying lipstick, immediately establishing a sensual tone that persists throughout.

Jonte and Nicole Kitt are the perfect real-life couple to show us what chemistry and emotion are. The eroticism between them and her lips is palpable throughout the film, as she constantly provokes and seduces you with her luscious movements.

After we are entertained with various clips showing the playfulness of lips by licking a  popsicle, sucking a drink from a straw, biting an apple, etc., we see Nicole get dangerously close to Jonte’s arousing cock.

For the rest of the clip, we are delighted with a long-lasting blowjob from all angles and positions. Nicole knows how to capture the audience and make it interesting and erotic. Slow, fast, gentle, hard… her lips are the protagonist and she likes it.

The cinematography in the film is nothing short of stunning.

Lust’s use of lighting, framing, and composition elevates the erotic scenes to a level of artistic beauty rarely seen in adult cinema. Every shot is carefully crafted to capture not just the physical aspects of desire but also the emotional connections between the characters.

As one of the rules of flirting states: draw attention to your lips.

With bright lipstick and colorful nails, Nicole knows her irresistibility. Maybe that’s what flirting is all about– sexual self-confidence that you can show off with pride, like a peacock spreads its feathers to attract a mate.

At its core, “Put Some Lipstick on It” by Erika Lust is a celebration of the eroticism, sensuality, and captivating sexual allure of lips.