The reality was finally here, sexual fantasy porn that had evaded her mind for so long was about to play out in ways that she could have only dreamed of. The excitement was coursing through her veins as she stood, stripped of all her clothing in a natural state of nakedness waiting to be taken in the forest. A raw and earthy moment of sexual savagery, a primal out of her mind fuck.

Trusting her lover to help her enact such a wanton desire. She follows him to an isolated spot, her heart beating wildly. A soft blindfold obscuring her vision as she waits to play out her wildest of fantasies, never believing it would be as hot or as exciting as it was proving to be.

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Katy couldn’t quite believe it was actually about to happen. Her fantasy was about to be made a reality. She’d just come out of a two-year relationship and had felt sexually stifled for the longest time. Now she was free, Katy had some making up to do.

She’d confided in Steve, a pre-monogamy fuck buddy who’d been only too eager to break her fast.

She’d missed just fucking—rutting like wild things. These past two years had shown her she simply couldn’t thrive with just one partner. She wanted to celebrate her newfound freedom and after a hard shafting from Steve one afternoon, she’d told him of her desires over ginger tea and banana bread.

“Do you think me awfully naughty?” She’d asked after revealing her fantasy.

“Do you really want to know what I think?” Steve had thrown her a sly, deviant look which made her unsure of whether she really did want to know what he thought of her.

“Maybe?” she said hesitantly, twisting her foot around her calf and leaned over the marble breakfast bar. Her hair had fallen forward and she liked the way it masked her expression as she waited for him to reply.

“I think…” Steve shifted around the counter, still naked, his looming frame coming closer, and by the rising of his erection, Katy tentatively felt confident that he did not disapprove of her desires. “I think you are a filthy, hot, devastating woman who deserves to be tied up and fucked by two very,” he paused to lift a lock of hair off her face and catch eye contact, “And I mean, very, lucky men.”

Katy slumped a little in relief and her heart started to race.