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She had always been sexually interested in women, and her husband knew it. And he wanted her to live out her lesbian fantasy, relishing the thought of watching his love have sex with other women. 

For this year’s birthday treat, they had planned something that would fulfill both their sexual desires. A mutually exciting gift that would test his restraints more than hers.  

Mirroring each other’s excitement and lust, they both strip into soft gowns before entering the room where their lesbian fantasy birthday treat will unravel. 

There are rules, of course. 

He can’t touch her until the two women leave. And she will be blindfolded… 

What a perfect realisation both of us want this. I never would have guessed it had been one of his fantasies too. Furthermore, I had always assumed he wanted to be involved in our first threesome. His edging will be more than intense over the next twenty minutes. He knows the rules. He is not allowed to touch me once I’m on the bed until the two women leave. As much as I desire this massage, I cannot decipher if I’m more excited about feminine erotic touch or the aftermath of Jack fucking me once the women depart. It’s like picking between chocolate and chocolate. Impossible. 

He brings a finger to his smiling lips. I mirror his expression. It’s about to be the best birthday treat ever. 

I drop my eyes to the bulge already pressing out the crotch of his pants. I had to strip in the dressing room and slip into the soft terry cloth robe. My disrobing built the lusty fire in his pants, or perhaps it was all the wanton anticipation of watching two women bring me to climax.