Irina Vega

Ambra and Nathan met when they were philosophy students in college, at an event on psychedelic drugs. After this fun and interesting first meeting, this cute polyamorous couple of modern hippies who have been together for years have now decided to try a new experience.

From tantric sex to BDSM, Ambra and Nathan’s wide range of tastes is exciting to witness in this series of videos focused on how experienced and open-minded couples express themselves sexually.

This Italian couple starts by telling us a little bit about themselves, like how they live in the Alps, how much they love camping, nature, music, and sunbathing naked on the mountain.

When talking about why they got into porn, Ambra explains her two passions are nature and sex! So she is really happy she gets to work both as a performer and also a director.

Nathan believes in sex positivity and talking about sex in a natural and tabooless way.

They also mention they are polyamorous and open to engaging with new people.

As a couple, they are very kinky and into spanking, BDSM, group sex, threesomes, foursomes, etc.

They also don’t mind getting caught while doing it as they like to have sex in parks, in their van, in the cinema, and even a blowjob in airplane seats.

The are also very into BDSM. Ambra likes strapping and being both dominant and submissive.

Nathan struggles with being submissive and tends to rebel to be dominant.

They will definitely practice to give it more tries 🙂

Regarding fantasies, Ambra would love to have a foursome with her and another girl touching and fucking each other, and two guys fucking them as well.

Nathan would like to meet more bisexual guys and be fucked while he fucks Ambra. She would also like to watch as she doesn’t get to practice voyeurism too often.

After this introduction to their fetishes, fantasies, and practices, it’s time to get naked!

If you want to see how these “modern hippie” couple likes to fuck each other (including plenty of pussy licking and hard fucking) make sure you watch until the end!