Lulú La Mar & Diosa Diamante

Lulu and Diosa met at work and now they are friends. Both tell us sexual anecdotes in a hilarious interview and then reveal a secret that they use in some of their scenes: Original Semen Recipe.

Having breakfast with the “Diamond Goddess” and Lulú La Mar is quite a spicy, hot and fun experience! Then they have sex together and Lulu shows us how much she likes anal sex.

Meet the Performers series – Irina Vega

This is the first video of the Meet the Performers series, where two friends participate. I met Lulú La Mar through social media, where we already started to plan what would be our next film together: The ballet of Madness.

Later Lulu told me about Diosa Diamante. Normally I do this series with each person individually, but suddenly it occurred to me that they could both do it together since Lulu was telling me that she would like to shoot something with her.

I loved the idea of being able to do the interview and the sex scene together, so we did it!

The interview was very cool, I was asking questions to both of them, and as it progressed, I saw their different points of view and tastes. They also loosened up a bit (since they started a little nervous) and little by little the atmosphere got more fun. They talked about the stories and anecdotes that they had experienced in their career.

Diosa had the idea of doing something fun before the scene and, taking advantage of the kitchen, she was excited to prepare a “semen recipe“.

She told me that it is something she used for the videos she recorded for her platforms like Onlyfans. Her followers like to see a lot of semen, and since sometimes it is impossible to make it real, she invented this curious recipe. I have to say it was very realistic and…. it tastes better than semen!

So we got into cooking mode, and Diosa taught us in detail how to prepare this unique recipe while telling other anecdotes to Lulu.

One thing led to another, and finally, they began to have sex and put into practice the things they had previously told us (like what they liked on a personal level, kissing, caressing, oral and anal sex….)

I must say that I really liked the visible and palpable connection between the two of them, the looks and hugs they gave each other were the clear proof.

So much so, that Meet Lulu La Mar and Diosa Diamante has been selected for the San Francisco Porn Film Festival 2023 Official Selection and the Bogota Erotic and Post Porn Film Festival 2023.

Make sure you check out this interview with a happy ending!