Irina Vega & Adrian Mur

A dark space.

A macabre dance.

A dancer… possessed by another being.

Her sanity disappears, the dance becomes erotic, something invades her until she reaches ecstasy.

The madness returns to the source.

Captura de pantalla 2024 01 15 182651

The Ballet of Madness, directed by Irina Vega and Adrian Mur and produced by AltPorn4U, is another short film starring Lulu La Mar who gets to display her body at the service of raw movement and dance.

This film has a strong German expressionist feel. With the use of strong shadows and contrasts, the visual aesthetic evokes a Nosferatu-style setting with plenty of leather, darkness, and lace.

The added disoriented frames and style, add to the psychological exploration of a blend of dance, drama and eroticism.

As the macabre dance progresses, we see Lulu get hornier and more sensual.

While strategically removing her clothes, she goes full force into her dildo toy.

By sucking and then playing with it, her “dance partner” makes her moan and contortionate.

Not only does she masturbate with the toy, but she also can’t help play with her ass.

Lulu knows how to give herself pleasure and she knows how to takes us there as well.

Her vitality, determination and passion can be sensed throughout the frames encapsulating a thirst for lust and pleasure.

How does it all end?

Where is the line between sanity and madness?

How does one’s inner turmoil express itself when caged and locked?

No spoilers but… watch till the end!

Captura de pantalla 2024 01 15 182651