“The Multiverse in a Mouthfuck” is a metaphysical discovery of the self.

Hold your horses – yes, it is a spiritual foray into porn and sex.

JorgeTheObscene, a Chilean film director, actor, and writer, is known for this film which treats an indie porn movie as a contradiction between the physical pleasure of love and its sensual upliftment of the subject in question. 

It opens with the protagonist dancing in a crazy, neo-realist rip-off of a sexual bar. Drugs abound and are consumed freely. He hooks up with another man in this gay bar (something not uncommon in ethical porn) and proceeds to suck him off.

When he is sucking him off, Jorge experiences a trance that transports him into another reality with a suspicious, ascetic lady who seems to know the truth behind his foray.

Review The Multiverse in a Mouthfuck

JorgeTheObscene marks his foray into indie porn with this film and treats his subject in the most unflattering manner possible. The spiritual quest, separated from the homosexual relationship.

Sexual urges and the quest for the discovery of the self is a fascinating exploration on indie porn. This film suffers only from the facade of neo-realism that it somehow tries to adapt from other movie genres

You can see the character dancing in a trance in the gay bar and eyeing other men around him. When he sets his eyes on the typical ‘tall’ man, he starts wondering if the man must be ‘eyeing’ him too.

They use suggestive gestures (something not atypical in such indie porn films) to signal their mutual interest in each other. They begin exploring each other. They touch each other, and try and get intimate from the start. 

It takes some time for them to find the ‘ideal’ position which satisfies JorgeTheObscene. Jorge hangs his head upside down and tries to swallow Rafael Medina’s dick completely.

Honestly, I have to admit that Jorge doesn’t let it show that this is his first time as scrip-writer and director. He shows that he is completely comfortable acting and directing at the same time.

I have to note with pleasure that I love the genuine connection between the lead performers in this indie porn film. They get comfortable with each other and the changing dynamics of their own space by mixing with each other freely and playing games with each other.

It was probably the highlight of this film, capturing the masculinity of the sexual interaction.

The director ensured that Medina’s actions were translated to the audience only through the throbbing of his dick inside Jorge’s mouth in some frames.

However, the only thing that can keep this movie from being the best intimate porn film is that it is really slow. Sometimes, the different political philosophies being preached and exhibited through the sexual exploration of the self feel a bit too much (more on this subsequently).

Imagine sitting down to watch an intimate porn movie and ending up with a severe philosophical crisis in life. Amazing right?

The homosexual setting that the director proposes in this film and the subsequent spiritual exploration are actually a function of the director’s political philosophy.

Homosexuality is seen as an act of rebelling against the establishment and society.

The neo-realist lighting and narration only serve to heighten the sense of alienation that homosexuals face from society.

You will even notice that there are words like ‘fuck neoliberalism’ being chanted in this indie porn film one moment and frenzied sex the other moment.


The raw sex with sweat dripping from dancing torsos in a gay bar is a definite turn-on. The other surreal characters will heighten the sexual pleasure of watching this porn film. But I suggest you watch this one with a box of tissues handy. It is definitely a good watch. 

The philosophical messages invite you to reflect while you are aroused in addition to enjoying the film visually. It is definitely a film that I recommend seeing for its originality.