The soft tapping of the piano keys fills the beautifully lit morning room as Stacy Cruz sits elegantly practising Fur Elise in this sensually soft, erotic movie. Watching from the breakfast table, Stanley peers over his paper, his gaze fixated on Stacy. A warm smile dances over Stanley’s face as he joins her at the piano, sitting beside her as she plays. 

Their fingers move together in a duet along the white and black notes, sharing a sweet, intimate connection. Tunes merge into one another, and the light-hearted tinkering quickly switches as lust simmers between them with each stroke of the keys. 

Stanley takes over the musical medley while Stacy burns beside him, passion distracting her from her lesson. She can’t wait any longer and straddles him, pulling him into a deep, long kiss while his arms wrap around her, fingers still striking the keys in an attempt to keep playing. As Stacy undulates and winds her hips against his, he finally releases the piano and gives her his full attention.

The Piano, The Piano, The Piano

Stacy tugs and pulls at Stanley’s shirt, desperate to remove the fabric between them as her body grinds against his. He realizes just how desperate she is for release and lifts her on the piano, spreading her thighs and kneeling before her, ready to conduct a most delicious symphony. His lips and tongue make their own sweet music on Stacy’s pussy, and she pulls him into her, her buttocks and piano giving their own accompaniment. 

Stacy wants more and sits her lover on the chair, pulling out his substantial dick, wrapping her fist around his shaft and guiding it into her already slick pussy. She rides him hard, thong pulled to the side, proving that romantic sex can be just as horny as a good hard dirty fuck. A gorgeous display of shared interest and passion, these two really know how to satisfy each other in so many ways. 

Full of laughter and real connection, we hope you enjoy watching this romantic sex film featuring Stanley Johnson and Stacy Cruz

Who would think learning to play an instrument could be such a hot, erotic activity? This film is for all the playful music and instrument lovers out there!

Enjoy and happy melody!