With the screen split into three parts, allowing multiple perspectives in time as well as space, a new type of sensual storytelling is born with no detail missed and no moment overlooked.

The right composition was as essential to the energy of the film as it was to the aesthetic.

For the filmmakers, finding the right constellation in the cast with the right organic energy ultimately made for a film – and first gang bang for lead actress Luna Silver – that was ‘intimate and filled with laughter and joyful, playful energy’. In the tangles of limbs, the eruptions of giggles and gasps, and the clever juxtapositions of context and chronology, ‘Triptychon’ turns a four-way fantasy into a single work of erotic art.

Divinity is in the details

Somewhere between a hallowed altarpiece and the orgiastic frenzy of The Garden of Earthly Delights, the first film of HardWerk’s ‘Triptychon’ series pays homage to the classical triptych format with an entirely new perspective on the gang bang.