Poppy Sanchez

Sex School Hub brings us another relevant and educational film; Best Practices for Clients of Sex Work. Directed by Poppy Sanchez and starring Maria Riot, Sadie Lune and Sylvan, this trio explains and recreates how an ideal session between a client and a sex worker should go.

Have you ever wanted to know how exactly to approach a sex worker? What to say or how to respectfully negotiate and find the best route to pleasure? Don’t miss the dos and don’ts of any sex worker client relationship!

This episode is for anyone and everyone, because sex workers are everywhere. Becoming a better ally and consumer provides safety and space for sex workers to always give you the best experience. Best of all, this episode includes some very hot threesome scenes on how incredibly pleasurable things can be when you play by the rules.

This episode starts with the customary introduction of the topic and the guests. They also give an in-depth explanation of what sex work is and why sex workers’ experiences and advice are so important for a smooth and pleasurable experience. 

Sylvan, as a performer but also a client, gives us some examples of how he likes to go through these sessions and the steps he follows.

Condom or no condom, kissing or no kissing, what to do and what not to do… these are conversations that must take place before anything begins.

Limits and consent are important and clients need to make sure what they ask for is within the repertoire of the performer and not something they feel uncomfortable with. 

Clients also need to clearly express what they are looking for, what they like, and any specific demands or fetishes. The no-goes also need to be established beforehand.

Once everything is clear and all parties are comfortable, the fun can begin!

For all the first-timers and nervous clients there is no need to worry! Let the professional workers guide you and make you comfortable. Follow their instructions and you will be in the groove in no time.

We have the perfect teachers to show how smooth it can be!

If you want more details and step-by-step guidelines, why not tune in to this episode and learn how to be a better client and get the most out of your sex life!