Javier Farías

Pura Pantalla (Pure Screen) universe goes from the digital world to the real world, since we spend more time living inside a screen than interacting with everything that surrounds us, becoming isolated and noncommunicating beings.

This short film seeks to explore the line between fantasy and reality, a line that has become increasingly blurred and difficult to identify. The story plays with the juxtaposition of the image of the computer, introducing images of sex, highlighting that the biggest Internet consumption goes to pornography.

This non-explicit erotic film is about lonely Sergio, a man who arrives with his laptop at a small cafe-restaurant and immediately hooks his eyes on Laura, a beautiful intellectual girl. Overcome by his introversion, Sergio decides to generate his own fantasy with Laura, through a plan that combines imagination, libido, and technology.

Oblivious to anything else around him, including a group of women who are totally checking him out and gossiping about him, Sergio doesn’t seem to mind too much the fact that he is in a public café/restaurant and surrounded by people.

He seems to be focused on Laura and horny enough to open his laptop and start looking at erotic and pornographic images. He zooms in, zooms out, and positions them so that they fit Laura’s body perfectly.

By doing this, he seems to get aroused and hornier as each image changes and as his imagination plays with the fantasy of having Laura’s naked body in front of him.

In so many different positions and body shapes and sizes, Sergio can’t seem to get enough! He is even bothered by the fact that the table of women near him seems to be having fun with him.

He is so focused that his hand starts to slip under the table, straight to his crotch, which he has hidden under the napkin. Everything seems to be going great for him so far!

But all good things must come to an ending and, when the waiter accidentally drops a glass of water on his lap, he quickly stands up and the women passing along realize what he has been doing all along.

Will they laugh and judge him? How will Laura react when she realizes she’s been unknowingly modeling?

Check out the ending for a little surprise!